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   Free Clamav, Kaspersky, Sophos, Trend Micro AntiVirus and SpamAssassin AntiSpam Filter for CommuniGate Pro

   This program implements the External Filter interface for the messaging server CommuniGate Pro It filters all messages that go through CommuniGate Pro using the antiviral products:

It also scans messages for spam using the free Anti-Spam program SpamAssassin

It has been developed and tested using such environment: Linux and gcc.
It has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Sparc Solaris, SCO UnixWare.
Some of the antiviral interfaces for commercial products might have changed.
So the main product that works well with this filter is open-source Clamav.


  • multi-process: scans several messages in parallel
  • reliable: the main process only gets input from Communigate Pro, the actual virus scanning is made in a forked child process;
    if this child process fails, the main process stays untouched
  • fast: written in C, the scanning time depends only on the anti-virus and anti-spam daemons
  • can send additional messages: to the virus sender and recipients. You can exclude the notification message sending by virus names (some have bogus e-mail addresses) or limit them only by local users
  • logging: the virus name, the virus sender's and recipients' emails
  • heavily tested: 1000000 messages per week and more
  • restrictions: you can set domains to be scanned or can exclude others
Run it as Content Filter. (Action "ExternalFilter").

The original variant has been developed by Damir.

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This class enhances Zend_Pdf from Zend Framework by allowing digital certificate signing.
There is an example inside of the archive.

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